Charter of the Chiba-Wisconsin Association

Since the signing of the agreement establishing the sister-state association between Chiba Prefecture of Japan and the state of Wisconsin of the United States of America, in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 21st 1990, a growing cultural and educational relationship has developed.

Many people in Chiba have been involved in activities related to Wisconsin. Some have visited Wisconsin under exchange programs or participated in exchange events such as the visit to Chiba by the Wisconsin Goodwill Delegation and others have lived in Wisconsin for study or business.

While their degree of participation with Wisconsin differed, they have one thing in common. Those who visited Wisconsin, even if it was only once, were moved by the warm hospitality received from Wisconsinites, as exemplified by the Wisconsin Chiba Inc. As such, they would like to reciprocate with the same sense of hospitality. In addition, those who had the opportunity to interact with the Wisconsin citizens who visited Chiba Prefecture, now themselves would like to visit Wisconsin.

We have worked with volunteers to prepare for the establishment of the Chiba-Wisconsin Association (CWA), a sister state organization, hoping that “more and more people will join in exchanges with Wisconsin and have wonderful experiences.”

For promoting exchanges with the people of Wisconsin in such fields as culture, education, science and technology, and commerce, to deepen mutual understanding and friendship, and built a lasting friendship for mutual prosperity, the Chiba-Wisconsin Association will:

  •  Plan and manage exchange activities with the State of Wisconsin;
  •  Support exchange programs conducted by association members and related organizations;
  •  Gather and share information related to Wisconsin;
  •  Conduct exchange programs and events for CWA members; and
  •  Hold study sessions to learn more about Wisconsin

Until now, there were some aspects of this exchange that had been promoted by the governmental staff; however, our goal is a sister state exchange which is both planned and carried out by the citizens in cooperation with the government.

We hereby set up a sister state organization called the “Chiba Wisconsin Association” to enlighten as many people as possible of splendid qualities of Wisconsin and to create a new chapter of the sister state relationship whereby the citizens play the leading role.

With your participation and cooperation, let’s build an ever-lasting friendship with Wisconsin.