Recent exchange activities

Recent exchange activities

– Culture and Arts:

(2007) Choshi Hanedaiko Drum Group visited Wisconsin.

(2008) Polka Band visited Chiba.

(2010) Bappaka Shishi-mai & Nakazato Kiraku-kai (Shishi-mai Dance) Group visited Wisconsin.

(2012) Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt (Pomeranian Dance) Group visited Chiba.

(2013) Yabana-kai (Classical Japanese dance) Group visited Wisconsin.

(2014) Garlic Mustard Pickers (Celtic Traditional Music Band) visited Chiba.

(2015) Fuenokai-Nezumi (Classical Japanese flute) & Calligrapher visited Wisconsin.

(2016) Dance Academy of Mexico (Mexican Dance Group) visited Chiba.

(2017) WAZAOGI-ZA(Classical Japanese dance Group) visited Wisconsin.

(2018) Nefertari African Dance Company (African Dance Group) visited Chiba.

(2019) Minami Gyoutoku Hanagumi (Yosakoi Dance Group) visited Wisconsin.

– Biomass, Science and Technology:

(2007) Biomass plant experts and officials in charge of prefectural government visited Wisconsin.

(2008) Technician for paper mill and Biomass plant experts visited Chiba.

(2010) Biomass plant experts and officials in charge of prefectural government visited Wisconsin.

(2012) WCI Inc. group visited Chiba.

(2013) Plant factory experts for Chiba University visited Wisconsin.

(2014) Researcher and Manager of a compost company visited Chiba.

(2015) Young farmers visited Wisconsin.

– Education:

(2006) Support for exchange agreement between Chiba University and University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

(2007) Support for exchange agreement between Kanda University of International Studies and Madison Area Technical College.

(2014) Education Coordinator and counselor visited Chiba.

(2015) Chancellor of Chiba Prefectural University of Health Sciences visited Wisconsin.

(2016) Nursing and education experts visited Chiba.

(2017) Nursing experts of Chiba University visited Wisconsin.

(2018) Nursing experts of Madison Area Technical College visited Chiba.


(2019) Young dairy farmers visited Wisconsin.

Cycle Tourism:

(2019) Allied Group (Chiba Prefecture Sports Concierge, Banker, and Regional Leader) visited Wisconsin.